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Monday, February 06, 2023

Search Tips

Detailed searches may be performed by Aircraft Manufacturer, Model, Location, Year, GPS Categories & Regions, to create your own personalised result pages.

Make and Model

The most common type of search is for a specific make or model. Global Plane Search understands almost all the most commonly used abbreviations for aircraft makes and models. Different makes and models can be combined into a single set of results:

Search TermsResults
All Boeing 737 models
All Gulfstream GIV jets
All Aviat Aircraft ads
bird dog
All Cessna 305/L-19 Bird Dog ads
dash 8
All de Havilland DHC-8 ads
All Eurocopter Ecureuil models
c130 seminole
All Cessna 310 and Piper PA-44 Seminole listings

Often, a search by make or model will find more ads than required. For this reason, a "search summary" is displayed to show how GPS interpreted the search phrase and the ads included in the results, with links that allow the results to be refined:

Search TermsResults
Submodel links for Piper PA-28 (PA-28-180,PA-28R-200,etc)
Submodel links for Bombardier, Cherokee, and Quad City Challengers
Model name links for Cessna Citations (Citation X, Citation Mustang, etc)


Locations can be used to refine or expand your results by specifying Continents, Countries or even by US state. Multiple locations can be used to include results from different places:

Search TermsResults
piper florida
All Piper aircaft listed in Florida
skylane ca nv
All Cessna Skylanes in California and Nevada
mooney usa canada
All Mooney airplanes in the USA and Canada
king air europe
All Beech King Air airplanes in Europe

Range Keywords

Range keywords can be used to define a subset of results by year, price and days listed.


Search TermsResults
1999 falcon
All Dassault Falcon jets manufactured in 1999
aeronca before 1942
All Aeronca aircraft manufactered in 1941 or earlier
brasilia after 1985
All Embraer Brasilia aircraft manufactered in 1986 or later
bn2 1980 to 1989
All Britten Norman BN2 aircraft manufactured in the 1980's


Search TermsResults
gulfstream g3 15000000
All Gulfstream GIII aircraft priced under $15,000,000
King Air over 2500000
All Beech King Air aircraft priced over $2,500,000
USA 45000 to 60000
All US aircraft priced $45,000 to $60,000

Days Listed

Search TermsResults
canada last 5 days
All aircraft in Canada added or updated in the last 5 days.
All ads added or modified since yesterday

Category Keywords

All category names in Global Plane Search can be used as keywords in the search to refine your searches.

Search TermsResults
usa turbine helicopter on floats
All amphibious turbine helicopters in the USA
piston touring airplanes for sale europe
All touring piston airplanes for sale in Europe.

Sort Order

Any search can be ordered by Year, Price, Location or Days Listed.

Search TermsResults
skylane by price
All Skylanes sorted by price
piston touring usa by location
All touring piston airplanes in the USA sorted by state.
vintage by year
All classic/vintage aircraft sorted by year
single piston 50000 by age
All piston single under $50,000 sorted by days listed

Miscellaneous Keywords

Results can be filtered to those with photos or prices.

Search TermsResults
Australia with price photos
All Australian ads that include a price and photo

Compound Searches

All the search types listed above can be combined into a single search to find only the aircraft ads that interest you the most. You can then bookmark the search for future reference.

Search TermsResults
162f R44 sale fl ga caribbean by price
All Rotorway 162F & Robinson R44 Helicopters for sale in Forida, Georgia or the Caribbean, sorted by price
piston touring uk ireland since 7 days
All touring piston airplanes in the UK and Ireland in the last week.