FAA Proposed Rule Would Reduce the Growth of Debris from Commercial Space Vehicles

WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing a rule to limit the growth of new orbital debris and reduce the potential for collisions with spacecraft and satellites to promote a sustainable space environment.   If left unchecked, the accumulation of orbital debris will increase the risk of collisions and clutter orbits used for human spaceflight and for satellites providing communications, weather and global positioning system services. 

FAA Proposes $477,000 Penalty Against Virgin Islands Port Authority

Agency alleges the Port Authority failed to properly maintain airfield

FAA Proposes to Revoke Hickory Regional Airport’s Operating Certificate

FAA alleges the North Carolina airport failed to maintain safe conditions

FAA Authorizes Zipline International, Inc. to Deliver Commercial Packages Using Drones That Fly Beyond Operator's Line of Sight

FAA authorizes certificated Part 135 operator Zipline International, Inc., to deliver commercial packages around Salt Lake City and Bentonville using drones that fly beyond the operator’s visual line of sight.

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