FAA Proposes Requiring 25-Hour Cockpit Voice Recorders

More data will help identify safety trends and prevent accidents.

FAA Takes Actions to Address Independent Safety Review Team’s Recommendations

The team examined the FAA’s internal safety processes, staffing levels and practices, and facility and equipment needs. The FAA is taking immediate actions.

FAA to Appoint Rulemaking Committee to Examine Pilot Mental Health

WASHINGTON — The FAA will establish a Pilot Mental Health Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) to provide recommendations on breaking down the barriers that prevent pilots from reporting mental health issues to the agency. 

FAA Schedules Next Series of Runway Safety Meetings

WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration continues to address runway safety risks with 16 runway safety meetings for the remainder of the year. These meetings are in addition to the 90 Runway Safety Action Team meetings across the country already held. 

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